Drupal versus WordPress

Tips and advice when choosing between Drupal and WordPress

Space Coast Florida has been developed with WordPress at heart of its content management system (CMS).  This great open source web development platform powers many of the top websites world-wide and not only in the publishing and blogging market. Many of the top Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to deliver a wide variety of web content.  In the future, we may choose to move our site to a Drupal platform, but that isn’t in our current plans and not expected to be anytime soon.

There are a number of reasons for our continued dedication to using WordPress on many of the sites we have developed and maintain.  In this blog section, we will try to provide some insight why we feel one CMS or another will be our choice.  If our reasoning isn’t quite your experience, feel free to register as a user for our site and post your comment to the article(s) of interest.

Despite the flexibility and versatility of WordPress, there are some things which it doesn’t do as well as at least one of the other top three open source CMS platforms.  Drupal and Joomla are usually considered to round out the top 3 options for web development, and this section of Space Coast Florida has been developed to provide some basic advice and observations when comparing Drupal with WordPress.  Joomla has a loyal and dedicated community of users and developers as well, but this editor has no experience with Joomla, so that topic will have to be handled by others.

Provided below on this page, or by searching the category index for our site articles under “Drupal vs WordPress”, you can explore the articles as we publish our observations.  If you would like to join in on the topic, please feel free to register and post comments, or use our “Contact us” link to request a role change to contributor so that you can create an article for us to publish.  Appropriate links are welcome in the comments and articles, but understand that due to a great number of spammers, we review each for appropriate content before publishing to our site.  We really hate spam, and do everything in our power to stop it on our site.


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