Florida Freshwater Fish

Florida Freshwater Fish Identification Tools

This section of Space Coast Florida displays some of Florida’s most popular freshwater fish of interest to the local angler.  The images below can be a good general reference for freshwater fish identification throughout the state.  The links provided for each fish species will provide additional helpful information.

Also available from the links in this article are angling tips and additional identification information from the FWC.  For regulations and other research, please visit MyFWC, or pick up a copy of the Florida Fishing Regulations – Freshwater Edition, wherever licenses are sold.   For those unfamiliar with the parts of a fish, a diagram is available for reference.

Shoal Bass

Keep in mind, the freshwater fish you’re looking for may be a Nonnative species. If you catch a big one, check out the “Big Catch” angler recognition program on myFWC.com. Most illustrations are by Duane Raver, Jr., (see link for a CD of his artwork).
Florida residents and visitors will also benefit from a printed version of our freshwater fish to carry with them.  Download the latest FWC Freshwater Fish Poster and have it handy for quick reference.  You can print the PDF at home, or take the file to local print service retailers (Kinkos, Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) to print in larger sizes or specialty stock.

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