New local website to sell or trade your items

My Local Storefront is a new site where you can start your own online shop

Some of our visitors here at Space Coast Florida may have noticed that it has been several months since we have posted new articles. Most of our articles and pages provide links to other resources we have found to be beneficial to our local residents and are not articles which expire with time, so we hope that it has not been a problem for our frequent visitors.

Much of our effort has been dedicated to developing a new resource for Space Coast residents for advertising their merchandise. We have just launched the site and would like to invite all our guests to explore it and give us some suggestions for further improvements.  The site is My Local Storefront and is designed to provide just that.

You can quickly start your own online store and include not only items for sale, but items on your wishlist (items wanted). Site visitors will see not only the items you have available, but items you might be interested in as well.  This will help to set the stage for arranging trades (barter) in addition to straight-forward sales.

We are working on refining some of the current features and developing new ones, but are in need of suggestions and feedback. If you are interested in doing some advertising of your personal or business merchandise or services, take a minute and start your FREE account on My Local Storefront.

Remember… we really appreciate your input and suggestions, so follow the links provided to provide it once you get the chance to browse our new site.

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