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Space Coast Florida General Information for Members

Membership Process

register linkJoining us here at Space Coast Florida as a participating member is fast, free and easy.  Simply click on the “Register Now” link here. You will then need to enter a username of your choice (this will become your login ID) and your email address to start.  From there, you will get an email which includes your temporary password and provides a link to the log in page.  Copy this password and paste it into the password field when you return to log in.

After you are logged in, you will automatically be directed to our “New Member Page” where you will be provided additional information to complete the registration process. From your profile page, you can edit the available entries to change your password, set your nickname, and select the name displayed for any posts or articles you share.  You can also enter any personal information you would like to share with other members.

The “New Members” page will be your default page until you complete the steps provided. It can also be accessed again as needed from our menu options to remind yourself how to make additional changes to your profile entries if desired.

There is no cost, no hype, no promise of eternal youth, great wealth or any other spam or unfulfilled guarantees associated with our site.  We also have no interest in selling or otherwise distributing email addresses.  This is simply a platform where you can not only participate in improving the resources provided here for other Space Coast residents and visitors, but also promote your own related business or blog.

Membership Roles

Space Coast Florida New Users

By default, all new members are assigned the role of “New User“.  This role is meant to be a temporary role while the user sets up their account. If the user does not sign back in, configure their profile and send an email notifying us that the process has been completed, the account will be deleted.  Our current policy is to delete the account after 48 hrs, but may change in the future.

Instructions are provided when you log in to assist in setting up your new account.  Simply follow the setup process and we will then update your status to the appropriate level (see below).

Note: We have recently updated our site with an application designed to identify and block “sploggers” (automatic registration robots).  If you are prevented from registering on our site, please contact us from the email link provided at the bottom of our pages so we can assist you further.

Space Coast Florida Subscribers

The subscriber role is assigned once a new user completes their profile setup and sends an email requesting a change in role assignment.  With this role, you are allowed to comment on pages and articles.  Within the comment, you are invited to add a link to your website or blog as well.  This can be a great way to let others know about related sites of interest.

Please note that all comments are held in moderation and not visible to anyone except assigned editors until approved.  Each comment will be reviewed for relevancy, link validity and other content before being made public.  Any comments which do not appear appropriate for this site will be deleted.  This policy is to avoid the spam which seems so prevalent these days on open sites.

Space Coast Florida Contributors

Those individuals who would like to provide articles of interest for Space Coast Florida visitors are encouraged to take the time and effort to become “Contributors“.  The process is simple (and also “Free“).  Just drop us an email requesting that your role of Subscriber be changed to Contributor.  That’s all there is to it…. simply let us know you would like to join us in developing our Space Coast Florida site.  We will confirm your request, change your role and send you an email with a new temporary password which you can use to sign in and change to one of your preference.

Contributors will be allowed to submit articles which may also include photos, additional links and other items of interest.  This can be a great way to get additional articles not only visible to search engines like Google, but also to have them searchable on our site.  Get free public webpages, articles and exposure simply by submitting them on our site.

Just like the comments discussed above, all articles submitted are held until reviewed.  Those who would like to try to submit a bunch of articles which do not relate to our site, or spam it up should be aware that the article will never be published and their role will be adjusted, or their account deleted altogether.  This is to avoid not only individuals, but automatic article publishers who would just like to get a lot of backlinks to increase their website exposure.

There is no cost to become a contributor to our site (aside from the time to write something of value for other Space Coast residents and visitors).

Be sure to check out this article again in the future for possible additional roles and features available for the existing ones.  Space Coast Florida is an active site which is still being developed for the Brevard County Space Coast Area needs and new items are added regularly.

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