Space Coast Rare Species

Rare and Endangered Species of Florida's Space Coast

Brevard county's Space Coast is home to more rare and endangered species than any other county in Florida.  This abundance of unique wildlife is due in part to the number of ecosystems it provides but also the location between climate zones.  Brevard County's overlapping boundaries of tropical and subtropical climates have helped ecosystems which support approximately 4,300 species of plants and animals.  Of this number, there are 72 which are identified as endangered or threatened.

Those visitors to the Florida Space Coast area who would like to observe some of the rare species found here will benefit from the Endangered Species List  we have provided below.  This list includes 56 of Brevard's endangered wildlife or plant species and provides links to printable quick guides for your exploration of the Space Coast area.

The articles are provided by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory website.  Visitors who would like to explore other areas of Florida are encouraged to check out their Florida Natural Areas Field Guide Online page and select other search criteria for species or geographic areas of interest. 

Brevard's Endangered Plants

Brevard's Endangered Birds


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