The Big Deal

Big Deals for the Space Coast Area

Angie's List is often considered a trusted authority for accurate reviews of merchants and service providers nationwide.  Those unfamiliar with Angie's List should be aware that the site charges annual membership (usually approximately $29) to provide access to the list of trusted providers in their area.  By signing up for membership, you will be able to research the area list along with ratings and other information about local businesses of interest.

Image of Angie's List screen shapshotOur Space Coast Florida visitors who would like to take advantage of Angie's List experience and recognized reputation without paying for an annual membership may be interested in The Big Deal.  By simply providing an email address and ZIP code of interest, you will be sent an email for Angie's List daily big deals in the area.  After clicking on the big deal of the day, you can also search "All Deals" and be provided a searchable menu similar to the one displayed here.

While it is our preference here on Space Coast Florida to take you directly to the source and save the trouble of navigating a myriad of confusing links, some of the savings from these "deals" seems impressive.  The Central Florida BBB rates Angie's List as an "A" trusted business, and they have a reputation for trusted recommendations.  These observations provide us reason to include this link as a valuable resource for Space Coast visitors and residents.

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