Twin Rivers Gunworks

Twin River Gunworks Opens in Rockledge

Twin Rivers Gunworks is now open in Florida’s Space Coast With a Unique and Unusual Business Worth Checking Out

Twin Rivers Gunworks Storefront

Twin River Gunworks opened their new business in Rockledge at 634 Barnes Blvd, Suite 130-132, Rockledge, FL 32955 on July 2nd and offers some unexpected services new to the Brevard County area.  Space Coast residents (and visitors) should take a moment to read the following article regarding this unusual business close by.

Highlights From Twin Rivers Gunworks

Watch the following video provided by Lasershot

(manufacturer for Twin Rivers Gunworks simulator).


Excerpt From Twin Rivers Press Release

Twin Rivers Gunworks is a full-service firearms retailer, gunsmith, and training center. Home of Brevard County’s only Lasershot Firearms Training Simulator and staffed by NRA Certified Instructors.  We are your premiere destination for firearms sales and safety training.

With a state of the art simulator, Twin Rivers can provide a truly immersive training experience far beyond the capabilities of a traditional shooting range. The most exciting feature of the Lasershot Firearms Training Simulator is our Judgmental Training Software. The JTS will place each shooter in a dynamic environment that will change depending on the shooters actions. Each scenario is taken from a real life defensive situation and when coupled with our recoil training pistols the experience is as real as it can get!

In addition to the JTS are skills development programs. Each program develops a specific skillset so that we can assist every shooter to become a true marksman. Best of all, our laser-based system allows you to fire as many virtual rounds as you can put downrange without the substantial cost of ammunition or the need of cumbersome safety equipment.

Additional Details Provided by Twin Rivers Gunworks

The store is in Rockledge at the corner or Barnes and Murrell just behind the Wendy’s and PNC bank. The simulator is inside the retail store.  Each simulator is inside of it’s own room.

Our simulator range is a new technology for the civilian market. It’s a laser based system using both inert and recoil producing training guns. The space is 10×10 and projects an image approximate 8x6ft. With the shooter at 6ft from the HD screen this tricks your eyes and does a good job of convincing your brain that you are inside of the environment projected on the screen.

We can produce typical range environments like dirt berms, steel plates, IDPA/USPSA/IPSC, moving targets, or work on skills development using game based software. Most exciting, though, is our Judgmental Training Software. The JTS allows us to place the shooter in an actual dynamic environment such as a home invasion, restaurant robbery, carjacking, and many more. This scenarios require the shooter to make shoot or no shoot decisions. The scenario changes based on the words and actions (or inactions) of the shooter.

Our Two Cents Worth From Space Coast Florida

With current events in the news, whether you weigh in for or against gun ownership, one really should consider responsibility with any dangerous tool or equipment.  An important part of being able to use these items in a responsible manner is being familiar with them and knowing what to expect.  The simulated recoil action and the real life simulations offered by Twin Rivers Gunworks are something which stood out in my mind as Space Coast Florida editor.

There are not many places where one can safely (or legally) discharge a firearm here in the Space Coast.  One cannot simply go out to an empty field and fire a few rounds at their leisure.  As a result of this, handguns often sit in a drawer or under a bed for protection and the homeowner is unfamiliar and afraid of its operation.  Handling a dangerous weapon nervously is never a good idea.

One notable destination for live fire ranges is the Police Hall of Fame Range located in Titusville just outside the entrance to KSC (see map).  Those individuals who would like to get some experience with their personal firearm can take advantage of this facility.  The range also offers packages which include firearm rental, ear protection, ammunition and professional supervision/advice.

Wherever you stand on gun control or gun ownership in general, real life training on tools and situations can only serve to increase safety of all concerned.  When Twin River Gunworks gets going, we hope to be able to expand on this article and let our visitors know more, but for now we are looking forward to this new opportunity in our back yard.

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For those who missed it above, the address is 634 Barnes Blvd Suite 130-132 Rockledge, FL 32955.  Check out their website at: to see the latest information about current products and services.

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