Weather Travel Map

weather map imageWeather Travel Map For All Your Trips in Florida and Beyond

Planning a trip to any of our great Florida destinations?  This handy tool provided by The Weather Channel ( can be a great resource to see what to expect as you travel.  Just type your starting and ending destinations to get an overview of what to expect along the way.

You can easily use this travel map to not only check for weather along your route, but also explore alternate route options.  Choose from several options for your preferred travel methods (highway, toll roads, etc).

Just click the map display to get started making your travel plans.

Some basic advice and recommendations for using The Weather Channel travel maps

After entering your starting and ending destinations, you can select from any of the main routes calculated and then choose “More Weather” to see the weather expected at the anticipated arrival times along your route.  Choosing alternate routes after selecting More Weather will give you a quick way to make your route decisions based on anticipated weather during your travel.

You can use this information to determine which available route will best suit your travel needs.  As an example: Finding that the quickest route would mean that you are traveling during thunderstorms in a heavily traveled highway, you may want to take a more leisurely route without this stress.

Use the weather travel map to plan your frequent trips

The Weather Channel travel map also allows you to name and save your trip.  This can make it easy to double check current conditions as you head out the door.  Those frequent travelers will find this to be a great way to quickly know what to expect and whether or not some last minute changes to their customary route are needed.

What the weather travel map doesn’t do

Unfortunately, the travel map doesn’t currently offer you the ability to schedule breaks in your travel or set a different start time/date.  Perhaps this is due to the ever changing forecast and inaccuracy of weather predictions  more than a few hours out.  This tool is a new addition to The Weather Channel website however, so keep an eye out to see if these features get added in the future.

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